ArgenChino featured in THE ARGENTIMES

Julia Reagan, director of ARGENCHINO was interviewed for English language Argentine newspaper, The Argentimes.  Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Julia Reagan, director of a ‘Argenchinos’, a documentary on the Chinese supermarkets in Buenos Aires, believes that cultural integration is still some distance away: “A common fear of many of the Argentines I spoke with was that the Chinese simply wanted to come to the country to open a business, make a quick profit and leave without ever paying taxes or really becoming part of the fabric of the country…

“After the economic collapse in 2001 many Argentines lost their small businesses and savings.  To see newly migrated immigrants open successful businesses around the city is a cause for jealousy and disdain, which is where many of the stereotypes were born.  So although the Chinese markets are successful because of their lower prices, they are resented.  To integrate economically is not to integrate in a social context, at least not yet.  So yes I agree they’ve integrated economically, but because of the resentment aspect it will be harder for them to be socially acceptable.”

Read the full article here


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